• Creative Direction
  • „Beauteous“ began with the wish to acknowledge the boldness and the authenticity of talents who are changing the fashion and beauty industry with their looks, their distinctive features and their „flaws“.With this personal editorial project we celebrate beauty in every way possible. It’s a project about questioning the word „beautiful“ and its meaning as well as celebrating the people who are redefining our definition of the word itself. 

    Beauty is, of course, cultural. What one community admires may leave another group of people cold or even repulsed. What one individual finds irresistible elicits a shrug from another. Beauty is personal. But it’s also universal. We have become more accepting because people have demanded it, protested for it, and used the bully pulpit of social media to shame beauty’s gatekeepers into opening the doors wider.“ („The idea of beauty is always shifting“ – National Geographic)