Over the past months, I have spoken with young founders about success, stagnation and visions for the future. I have thereby watched the industry and its changes more closely than ever before and tried to find solutions for the everyday problems that too often deprive artists of their creativity.

During this discovery process, not only have questions of meaning arisen, but also new hero projects like the content format “Unfamous” in which the collective By/Us portrays unknown creatives and introduces them to the industry, or the “Creative Pop-Up School” – which I also call the “Freelancer Survival Kit” – a 2-day event in which creatives can learn about finance, start-up, aesthetics, digital marketing and self-marketing from the experiences of experts and speakers. We are eager to see the direction in which the industry will develop and convinced that our approach – based on empathy, commitment and enthusiasm – will make the impossible possible!

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