Which topics and thoughts are of concern to my generation? What can listeners learn when I speak about my experiences regarding teamwork, career, digitalisation, creativity, launching a business and mental health? And how can I sustainably and positively enrich the lives of the people who I encounter along the way?

For the past years, I have been exploring these questions in my talks as a speaker, presenter and author. Much earlier, at the age of 14, when I was known as “Germany’s youngest fashion blogger”, I was also a listener. During that time, conversations with people from different industries and generations, with a wide range of backgrounds, who had a variety of dreams and goals, gave me deep insights into various lifestyles, networks and careers. I listened and learned from my environment and was rewarded with a collection of stories and a wealth of information, which I still draw on today. I have professional experience as a stylist, columnist, journalist and presenter in the fashion and lifestyle industry. My book “The Fashion Blog” is an account of my experience as a blogger. The most gratifying moment as a speaker is always when your own story gives others a new perspective for the future.

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